• 10 Habits for Healthy Nails

    Having clean and healthy nails are just as important as having healthy skin. Your nails don’t just give a glimpse of your overall physical health, but the way you maintain them tells a lot about your status too. However, getting elegant-looking and healthy nails doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Nail Care Tips You Must Follow

    Keeping your nails healthy and strong becomes easy with the following nail care tips.  Let’s read on.

    • Always keep your nails clean.
    • Trim your nails at regular time interval. Give the tip of your nails slightly round shape to obtain maximum strength.

    Woman using emery board

    • Maintain your nails in perfect shape by filing them using an emery board. However, give more importance to the health of your nails over their length.
    • Don’t clip cuticles and avoid biting your nails.
    • Clean your metal-based nail tools regularly to disinfect them. You can easily clean them with soap and water. And replace the tools when they are worn.
    • Apply a moisturizer to your nail bed and cuticles every day. This will help you nails lock water which eventually helps them get stronger and healthier.


    • If your nails have got fungus, try tea-tree oil. Use two tiny drops of tea tree oil for two times a day and fungus will disappear eventually.
    • If your nails are too soft and weak, taking Biotin (also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B) can help strengthen and thicken your nails. You won’t see results overnight, but if you take this vitamin supplement regularly, you will start seeing results in 6 months.
    • Never use your fingernails like a tool.
    • Make sure you wear correct size of shoes to avoid injuring toenails. And always wear hand gloves while working with chemicals or soaps to protect fingernails.

    If your nails are showing swelling, causing pain or giving any other unusual sign, visit your dermatologist at the earliest to find out the cause and ensure right treatment.



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